About IETI Transactions on Engineering and Technology

Aims and Scope

IETI Transactions on Engineering and Technology is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers in all areas of Signals & Systems, and Renewable Energy. This journal aims to be a sound platform where researchers can publish their latest findings and find out about the most recent scientific developments.


The IETI Transactions on Engineering and Technology journal has five major topics:

Advanced Communications,
Signal and Image processing,
Design Tools for Electronics and Embedded Systems,
Sensors and instrumentation,
Renewable Energy.

The topics include but are not limited to:

Advanced Communications: Circuits and systems for communications, Optical fibers applications: Optical Communications, Sensors, Image, Laser applications in: Telemetry, Lidar system, Anemometry, Computer 3D visions, Range technique, RF and wireless communications,
Image and signal processing: Image and video processing technology, Compression, coding and implementation, Cryptology and watermarking, Real-time systems, Time-frequency, Detection of abrupt changes, Multi-fractals, Digital filtering
Design tools for electronics and embedded systems: Embedded systems and software, System-on-chip (SoC), multiprocessor system-on-chip (MPSoC) platforms and applications, Network-on-chip (NoC) design methodologies, Reconfigurable computing, system design, synthesis and optimization, Dynamic control, System identification and prediction,
Sensors and instrumentation: Data acquisition, Audio, acoustic speech, Biomedical signal processing, Sensor micro-systems and industrial sensors,
Renewable Energy: Management and control of renewable energy, Wind energy, wind energy, biomass, Photovoltaic cells area of solar, at the device level, Electrical battery, hybrid energy.


The ISSN for TET (online) is: XXX



Pr. SmainFemmam, Signals & Systems Processing, UHA University, France