Journals List

Journal Name ISSN Started Year Url (Co-)Publisher(s)
Aging and Health
(DOI: 10.6895/AH)
2617-8311 2018 IETI, Peking University
IETI Transactions on Ergonomics and Safety
(DOI: DOI: 10.6722/TES)
2520-5439 2017 IETI, Ergonomics Society of Serbia
IETI Transactions on Engineering Research and Practice
(DOI: DOI: 10.6723/TERP)
2616-1699 2017 IETI
IETI Transactions on Social Sciences and Humanities
(DOI: 10.6896/IETITSSH)
2663-1539 2018 IETI
Soft Computing and Electrical Engineering 2664-9543 2019 IETI
IETI Transactions on Economics and Management
(DOI: 10.6897/IETITEM)
2020 IETI
International Journal of Art and Design Studies
(DOI: 10.6894/IJADS)
2020 IETI
IETI Mathematics Letters 2020 IETI
Economic Theory Letters 2020 IETI
IETI Transactions on Artificial Intelligence
2020 IETI
IETI Transactions on Engineering and Technology
(DOI: 10.6898/IETITET)
2020 IETI
IETI Transactions on Natural Language Processing
(DOI: 10.6900/IETITNLP)
2020 IETI
IETI Transactions on Medicine and Health
(DOI: 10.6899/IETITMH)
2020 IETI