IETI Transactions on Social Sciences and Humanities

ISSN 2663-1539


Editor-in-Chiefs: Nelson Jorge Ribeiro Duarte and Md. Mamun Habib

2019 Volume 3
Proceedings of the 2019 3rd Forum on Foreign Language Research and Practice
ISBN: 978-1-7328264-0-3
Prof. Xiangliu Chen
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A Study of Improving cultural Learning of Translation Majors from the Hidden Curriculum Perspective -----Based on the New Teaching Reform Scheme of Guangzhou University
Zhang yan
Pages: 1-9

Study on Strategies to Improve the Ability of Textbook Analysis of Normal Students in Higher Vocational College
Huang Yan
Pages: 10-15

The Analysis of the Other’s Images in By the Light of My Father’s Smile
Chen Ying
Pages: 16-24

ESP of New Media Art from Cross-disciplinary Perspective: Goals, Contents and Approaches
Zhiyuan Ma, Haiyan Chen,Jingjing Guan
Pages: 25-36

Research on the Innovation of Individualized Teaching Model in English Course
Jingjing Guan,Quan Liu, Xuechun Liu
Pages: 37-46

On The Teaching Reform of ESP Course: Hotel English
Wei Duan
Pages: 47-53

Research on language-in-education Planning in Minority Colleges under the Background of Key Competency
Wu Xiao-fang
Pages: 54-62

Research on the Ancient Greek and Hebrew Cultural Elements in “The Seventh Seal”
Liu Qiong
Pages: 63-68

A Study on the Multimodal Conceptualization on Time based on Chinese Documentary
Zhao Yali , Wu Lijun
Pages: 69-77

The Creation Theory of Guo Moruo and the Acceptability of Readers
Wen Jing
Pages: 78-85

A Review of Ishiguro and Memory from the Perspective of Cognitive Literary Criticism
ZHANG Zhicai
Pages: 86-92

An empirical study on the implicit and explicit vocabulary learning
Ma Zhenyu
Pages: 93-102

Practical analysis of "basic Japanese" teaching course under the flipped classroom teaching mode
Zhang Chong
Pages: 103-109

The Key to College English Teaching
Li Chengxing, Gao Dan, Wang Mingliang
Pages: 110-118

The application of creative rebellious novels to the translation and communication of Southeast Asia
Zhong Yaxuan, Liu Linghui
Pages: 119-126

Postmethod Approach to College English Teaching in China
Liu Xing
Pages: 127-131

A Cross-linguistic Study on Connectives―Constraints on Implicatures or Explicatures?
Bai Arong
Pages: 132-142

The undergraduate curricula structure of the world's first-class universities: multiple adaptation and functional network——Take CMU computer science undergraduate curricula as an example
Wang Yang
Pages: 143-158

Arithmetic and Treatment: Metaphor Choice in China’s Economy Reform Discourse
ManJie Lao
Pages: 159-172