IETI Transactions on Social Sciences and Humanities

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Editor-in-Chiefs: Nelson Jorge Ribeiro Duarte and Md. Mamun Habib

2019 Volume 4
Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Conference on Economics, Finance and Statistics
ISBN: 978-1-7328264-3-4
Prof. Dr. Nelson Jorge Ribeiro Duarte
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The Study on Enterprise Health Indicators in China and Japan
Xin Hua, Weilun Huang
Pages: 1-18

Research on the Financing Modes and Risk Management Based on the Internet-based Finance —Taking Small, Medium-sized and Micro Enterprises the Innovation of Light Industry in China as Examples
Fengjuan Liu, Fang Huang and Yanwu Si
Pages: 19-26

The nexus between Trade Liberalization and Income Distribution Disparity in China
Ziyu Xu, Jin Wu
Pages: 27-37

Research on the development strategy of big data industry in Hubei Province - based on the development experience of Guizhou province
Aohan Li, Hui Du

Pages: 38-47

Research on Coordinated Development of Financial Structure Optimization and Industrial Structure Upgrading in Inner Mongolia
Guo Yuxiang, Zhou Yanming and Xue Biao
Pages: 48-57

A Bayesian approach to estimating the time-varying parameter monetary policy rule in China
Fei Wang and Wei Chao
Pages: 58-66

Volatility Risk Premium: Based on Shanghai 50 ETF Option Market
Hu Mingzhu, Wang Susheng, Li Zilong
Pages: 67-75

International investor sentiment and China stock market returns
Li Zilong, Wang Susheng, Hu Mingzhu
Pages: 76-83

Does foreign direct investment have a lagging effect on economic growth? An empirical study of Guangdong, China
Shiming Liao, Dong Wang and Jie Tang
Pages: 84-92

Simulation Analysis and Multi-Objective Optimization of Gas Fractionation Unit
Tao Liu, Jiayin Li, Ruihao XIN
Pages: 93-102

Data Analysis and Prediction by the Random Forest Algorithms—A Case Study of the Survival Prediction of the Titanic on the Kaggle Platform
Han Ma, Zefeng Li
Pages: 103-123

A Research on K-Means Clustering Algorithm Based on Big Data Platform
Zefeng Li, Han Ma
Pages: 124-143

Optimization and Integration of Environmental Accounting Information System --Based on Blockchain
Fu Minhang
Pages: 144-157

Two-scale stochastic volatility model by FEM methods
Shican Liu, Na Wei, Yanli Zhou and Xiangyu Ge
Pages: 158-165

Research on the Dynamic Relationship between Social Credit Scale and Real Estate Price ——Empirical Test Based on VAR Model
Li Yueliangfan, Yang Pengfei
Pages: 166-173

Suggestions and Countermeasures of Financial System of Chinese Rural Compulsory Education
Yudong Hou
Pages: 174-180