IETI Transactions on Social Sciences and Humanities

ISSN 2663-1539


Editor-in-Chiefs: Nelson Jorge Ribeiro Duarte and Md. Mamun Habib

2019 Volume 5
Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on General Education and Contemporary Development
Prof. Dr. Nelson Jorge Ribeiro Duarte
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Study on Targeted Poverty Alleviation Promoted by Ideological and Political Education Under the Background of “Internet+”
Yu Zhitao
Pages: 1-13

Study on the Development of Domestic Fitness Diet Catering APP under the Background of Healthy China Strategy
Ying Xiao,Dunfeng Zhou
Pages: 14-21

Strong Tragic Implication—An Analysis of Women’s Illness and Death in the May 4th Female Literature
Zeli Cen
Pages: 22-34

Educational Innovation of "PAD class" in the Course of "Sports Law"for Applied Undergraduates
Chen sisi
Pages: 35-43

On Project-based Teaching of Vocational English Based On Application Ability Training
Liao Chuanli
Pages: 44-48

The Important Significance of Establishing the Structure Management Mechanism of Chinese Colleges and Universities
Zhang Yunxia
Pages: 49-57

Literature: what for?
Lola Geraldes Xavier
Pages: 58-64

Teaching Reform and Application of Circuit Basic Experiments
Pages: 65-70

Influence of Chinese Language and Culture on English Language Acquisition
YANG Huifang
Pages: 71-78

An exploration of mother tongue teaching in Chinese mainland universities in the new media environment
Bingjie Wu, Junfang Dong
Pages: 79-87

Study on Model of the Rural vitalization from the Perspective of New Farmers in China
Ren Shuang, Zhenran Liang
Pages: 88-96

Reinterpretation of Hamlet’s “Delay”from the Perspective of Energy Flow
Yang Xiu-bo
Pages: 97-111

Research on TailVaR - Based Measurement of Economic Capital of Chinese Insurance Companies
Wang Yan, Wang Zhengyin and Miao Yuna
Pages: 112-124

Environmental uncertainty, financial flexibility, and financing efficiency: An Empirical Study on civilian - military integration enterprises in China
Weng Yiting, Ma Heng
Pages: 125-139

Role of Mobile Financial Service in Promoting Online Small Business in Bangladesh
AHM Yeaseen Chowdhury, A. K. M. Anwar Hossain, Md. Mamun Habib, Xiao-Guang Yue
Pages: 140-148

Construction of Aesthetic Education System in Universities from the Perspective of General Education
Baohua Xue
Pages: 149-154

The Influence of Arbitrariness and Motivation of Linguistic Signs on the Translation of Automobile Naming
Chujian Guo
Pages: 155-161

Defining the Key Points of Teaching Chinese Applied Writing Course for Applied Undergraduate English Translation Majors ——Taking the English Translation Major of Wuhan University of Foreign Languages as an example
Song Xiuhong
Pages: 162-168

The Studies of Incommensurability Problem under Kuhn’s Taxonomy Theory
Yuanjing Zhang
Pages: 169-183

Analysis on the Filmization Communication of Internet Literature
Li Jing
Pages: 184-191

A Summary of the Cultural and Creative Industries in China for Near Ten Years Based on CNKI Database
Wanni Huang
Pages: 192-202

Investigating the structural relationships among environmental factors, learning flow and learning transfer in service learning
Jianqiang Gu, Qinggen Xue, Rong Lu
Pages: 203-209

Fusion Development Path of Rural Cultural Creative Industry and Bed&Breakfast Industry under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy
Wanni Huang
Pages: 210-218

Research on the Impact of Bond Financing on Inefficient Investment Behavior of Information Technology Enterprises
Song Nie, Cheng-xuan Geng
Pages: 219-242

Significance of MBTI Personality Type Theory in the Diversified Growth of Applied Undergraduates
Liu Jingwen
Pages: 243-249