IETI Transactions on Economics and Management

ISSN 2708-8316

DOI: 10.6897/IETITEM

Editor-in-Chief: Moawia Alghalith

2020 Volume 1 Issue 1

Strategic Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Human Resource Management of the Chinese Healthcare Industry Induced due to COVID-19
Devyani,Romane Delvallee, Shareefa Youshna Jewan, Ujjwal Bansal, Xian Deng

Study on the Management Efficiency of Chinese Banking Industry —Based on DEA-Malmquist Model
Wang Yan, Wang Zhengyin , Miao Yuna

The Aviation Industry: Tackling the turbulence caused by COVID-19
Deborah Tay, Katherine Du, Josephine Ho, Feng Liu, Christie Chan, Cheng Cao

The Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese Hotel Industry and Airbnb
Jingrui Ma,Qiyi Wang, Shiman Wang, Shuling Jiang, Zichun Li, Ping Qiao