Soft Computing and Electrical Engineering

ISSN 2664-9543

Editor-in-Chief: Mohamed N. HARMAS

Aims and Scope

Soft Computing & Electrical Engineering (ISSN: 2664-9543) is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers in all areas of Soft Computing, and Electrical Engineering. This bilingual (English and French) journal aims to be a sound platform where researchers can publish their latest findings and find out about the most recent scientific developments.

Call for Papers

Subjects include, but are not limited to the following fields:

SOFT COMPUTING: Fuzzy, Stochastic and Probabilistic computing, Multi objective Optimization, Data Mining, Neural computing, Expert Systems, Soft Computing Fundamental and Optimization, Advanced Soft Computing and Multi-Objective Evolutionary Computation, Perception-Based Intelligent Decision Systems, Soft Computing in Industrial Applications, etc.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: include all topics such as Electrical Power, Energy Conversion Systems, Renewable Energy systems, Power Electronics, AI in Power systems, FACTS, Robotics and Autonomous systems,Automotive Electronics, and all Control Systems, etc.

Innovative methodologies and application papers in the associated Soft Computing and Electrical Engineering scopes above are mostly welcome but papers are not restricted to the above topics.